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Jack Godley

Copywriter/ Researcher

The in-house copywriter, Jack Godley, is tasked with ensuring all the innovators and entrepreneurs have a voice on a personal and business level.  His work strives to study all areas that CEED has immersed themselves in and give a unique perspective and capitalize on those differences.  His insight helps build an identity for each company while drawing attention to where they can improve, structuring them and allowing them to grow.

A fresh graduate from I.T. Tralee Jack joined CEED before even getting his degree.  His now discontinued course, Creative Writing for Digital Media, has ensured that Jack Godley and students of like are now in limited supply and high demand–both locally and nationwide.  The graduates’ youth and specialisation are their greatest strength, with a guided hand Jack Godley promises to be a name worth knowing.

His expertise in the written word is an asset to any workplace.  His editing skills and eye for detail ensure for precision, informative work.  Finally, he is inarguably motivated with three vastly dissimilar jobs across three contrasting fields (the technology, marketing, and service industries).  All of this comes together to form a well-rounded individual who is capable of anything.

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