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Paul Walker is a master butcher, bacon curer and sausage producer with over 40 years experience manufacturing in all facets of the meat industry and is heavily involved in the production of our unique Blair House Farm range of dry and wet cured bacon products, non-emulsified range of sausages, plus, black and white pudding, all produced from our very own Free Range Outdoor Reared pigs, thus guaranteeing all of our products come direct from Blair House Farm to your plate.

Further to the above and to compliment, Blair House Farm is manufacturing a complete range of charcuterie products based on the Italian style. These will include the following; Salami Ventricina, Spianata Romana, Coppa(Capocollo), Spek(smoked), Salame Campagnolo, Salame Felino, Salame Ungerese, Pancetta Arrotouata(roll), Pancetta(smoked), Lardo Di Collonatta, Guanciale Stagionato, Mortatella, and Prosciutto Otto.


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