CEED is tasked with offering both applied and basic research solutions. This requires engagement and collaboration with the academic, commercial and social sectors and Government agencies.

Basic Research Opportunities within CEED

Post Graduate

  • Supervise a Research Masters
  • Develop one’s own personal research profile
  • Opportunities through ITT Scholarships, IOTI, Irish Research Council


  • In a particular discipline e.g. pure entrepreneurism, tourism, health,
  • Promoting a particular method of research be it quantitative and/or
  • Particular interest in developing qualitative approaches to EU and Company or Privately funded social innovation qualitative entrepreneurship based research across disciplines e.g. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

International Alliances

  • Research through Staff mobility
  • Shared publications and/or case studies for teaching or further research

Research to Date

Basic Research to date

  • The Transformational Learning Process between the enterprise educator and the participant
  • Role of a mentor in the identity construction of an entrepreneur
  • Optimising the learning for multi team entrepreneurial teaching in a cross disciplinary environment
  • Investigation of Social Media in Marketing Communication – specific to the Irish Hotel Sector
  • The Training Needs of Irish Social Entrepreneurs

Applied Research to date

  • General consultancy – market research reports (can be as little as one week’s engagement)
  • Innovation Vouchers – in the agri and health sectors (short one month projects)
  • Innovation Partnerships (18 month projects broken down into smaller deliverables)
  • In 2013 CEED was awarded EU-FP7 funding as the leader of the ‘Entrepreneurship Track’ work package in the successful IT, Tralee project ‘Network for the transfer of knowledge on traditional foods to SMEs’ under the [KBBE 2013.2.2-02] call theme.
  • INTERREG project potential- CEED leading the Entrepreneurship Education Project (provides international links and rich teaching materials)

“There is more to life than science; there is more to science than technology. That more is an inner garden of the imagination which each of us should be allowed to cultivate, where we should be encouraged to dwell for at least some part of our days and lives”.

Henderman (2011, p.5)

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